Team Spirit in July 2012

We decided to go out on a team building exercise as so many of us like to enjoy the countryside on our bikes. We like to do it rough though over ‘rocks and roots’ and not on the road. Fun was had by everyone enjoying the long awaited summer weather. What a way to work up a sweat!


July 2012

Check this out, our craftsman has put new leather collars on these boots.  


If your repair is unusual and you cannot find it listed in our services just drop an email with a photograph together with a note of what you need to

July 2012

Check out this repair, these were ladies Trickers “Stephy” Boots, originally fitted with leather soles, but transformed with Vibram Christy soles to be lightweight and even more comfortable, all welting and external footbed replaced and handsewn by our craftsman in our workshop as requested by a customer.

February 2012

Winter.The bright crisp days with the icy weather has finally arrived. Your boots are definitely now being used to keep your feet warm and dry. We are a specialist repairer for your winter footwear. Do you need a zip replacing in your boot or new elastic? We still carry out the basics to keep your footwear looking smart and wearable.
We can provide you with a selection of repairs such as:-
Stick-on-Soles for prevention and protection.
Leather Soles for replacement of worn soles.
Crepe Soles – an old trend having a comeback.
Vibram and Itshide commando units for walking footwear.
Stitching and Patching – for those upper repairs of splits, tears and cuts, buckles, elastic, Velcro and sock lining replacements.
If you need is something specific not covered on our website, contact us for assistance on 01749 673298 or email with pictures to and we will be pleased to advise you.


December 2011

Look at this Crepe repair showing  before and after.

David from Reading had this to say about his shoes.

“Hi David,

Just to let you know the shoes arrived safe and sound….. absolutely spot on / looking fantastic.

I could seriously not imagine anyone doing a better job. 11 out of 10!

Many, many thanks”

November 2011

Take a look. We have now received a batch of Christy Vibram white soles suitable for replacing on Redwing and similar footwear. If you need this colour or another alternative just contact us by phone or email and we will try and find the replacement units for you.

October 2011

Welcome to our first blog.

We offer a first class service for shoe repairs by post.

For many people access to a traditional shoe repairer is becoming more and more difficult as they have disappeared off the high street.  As we become a nation more intent on looking after our possessions and trying to maintain a stronger  re-use ethic,  it makes sense to buy shoes which will last longer, be more comfortable and healthy for your feet.  With this of course comes the increase cost of your purchase.  When you are investing in footwear  it makes more sense to look after your  shoes.

Allow us to do this for you.  Send them to us to have them repaired, before preferably the holes appear in the bottom of the shoe.  Nonetheless we can still repair the majority of worn shoes.  We repair leather soles, rubber soles, unit soles to name but a few.  At this time we are also seeing a general increase in the amount of crepe repairs we are doing.  They must be having a revival.

If you are unsure your boots or shoes can be repaired, you can photograph them and email us for advice.  We are always willing to help out and assist wherever we can.

We can supply you with tips to look after the uppers of you shoes and advise what creams and waxes you should feed your leather with.  We can supply you with shoe trees to remove moisture from the leather and enhance the lifetime of your shoes.  We can provide new laces to keep spare for that made dash in the morning and the inevitable happens and once snaps removing the sense of panic.

Give us a call, drop us a email or just send your footwear to us and give us a go and let us show you how we work our magic on them.